Crab Trap Anode Manufacturing

We have been manufacturing Sacrificial Aluminum and Zinc Anodes since 1992.

At Purity Casting Alloys Ltd. we manufacture a wide variety of Crab Anodes for fishermen, distributors & marinas from 0.5 lbs to 5 lbs providing corrosion protection for crab fishing traps. Our success in the Anode business is due to our commitment to product quality, product availability, and custom Anode sizes.

With our onsite analysis lab, you can be assured of alloy consistency from Anode to Anode.

Purity's Aluminum and Zinc Anodes are manufactured with a wide variety of core materials to meet your specific application requirements. All Aluminum Anodes correspond to MIL-A-24779 and Zinc Anodes meet MIL-A-18001K.

Whether it is for fishing boats, ocean going vessels, or crab traps we can provide low cost cathodic corrosion protection with Anodes.