Silver Pewter

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Silver Pewter is a lead-free alloy that melts at 450F making it perfect for crafting jewelry, gifts, collectibles, and novelty items.

Pewter is sold per 1 pound ingots. Adding 3 ingots to your cart = 3 lbs of material.


Name Range Discount
Bulk Discount 6 - 15 $2.50
Bulk Discount 16 - 25 $5.00
Bulk DIscount 26 - 50 $7.50


Silver Pewter (Lead-Free) is excellent for making jewellery.

We manufacture our lead-free Silver Pewter using only 100% virgin metals (not recycled). Each ingot is approximately 1 lb so if you need 3 lbs, simply add a quantity of 3 to your cart.

Whether you are doing detailed spin-casting or using wooden molds for crafting jewelry, gifts, collectibles, novelty items, accessories, awards and even decorations, we have the right Silver Pewter for your casting needs.

Not sure if the Pewter or Silver Pewter will meet your needs? We recommended you get 1 lb of each to test it out. There are very subtle differences between each alloy, and unless you cast a lot of pewter, you may not be able to tell much of a difference without trying them.

Custom alloys are always available. If you do not see the formula you need here or if you are interested in making a very large order, please contact us directly for pricing and availability.

Chemical Specifications:

Tin 97%; Bismuth 2.5%; Copper 0.25%; Silver 0.25%

Physical Characteristics:

It has a melting point of 450 F (232 C).


* Please Note: Due to the irregular shape of this metal, the weight of your shipped order is approximate.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in
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